Your Values and Your Career

Your "values" are your core beliefs. Values are the things that you believe are most important to you. Your values are the things you would be willing to fight for. Not that I am suggesting you get violent .Your values tell you what is right or wrong, good or bad. Values are at the core of your personality. Some will stay the same throughout your life while other values change over time as you gain more life experiences. To have a great career, and to get along well with others in life, you really want to know what your values are. For example, here are some of my personal values

You may not have had the opportunity to discover what your personal values are. So getting to know your values will be exciting.

Our values lie just below our normal level of awareness. Some people know their values very well, while others have not spent much time looking at their values.

The reason we use values in career planning is that job and career satisfaction depend on your values especially the older you become.

When you are just starting your career, values are usually not an issue. 25 year olds are more focused on getting their first career going and achieving some measure of success. But as you age, and especially as you pass 35 and approach 40, your values become more important. Then there is a good chance that your place of work, your co-workers, and maybe your boss will be stepping all over your personal values.