Do What You Are

Every person has his own strengths and weakness and his or her unique style to behave in certain conditions and circumstances. As social beings we are keenly interested in the behavior and personality of those we meet. We are curious if someone is quiet, honest proud, anxious, funny, indifferent perceptive or introspective. These characteristics influence our experience of others and affect the quality of our relationships with them. When these characteristics tend to persist to varying degrees over time and across circumstances we tend to think of them as personality.

Tawi career mentors believe that the best career decisions results from matching students’ values, skills and interests with specific jobs. However, in reality, values, skills and interests are quite fluid in young people and often change significantly as they grow older. Leaing about their personality types, students gain accurate and invaluable insights about themselves and their career-related needs. This enables them to make the most informed, satisfying college and career decisions.

There are three major components to build career success. The major effort goes in understanding the three factors namely, the Childs personality, the occupations and the aspirations the individual holds.

Aligning the three is the most critical part of the career guidance and planning process. Once these factors get aligned there is a strong motivational effect and clarity of purpose for each activity the child does. It’s not just about choosing an education course its about choosing an occupation that suits the child and aligning academic efforts towards that.

Career planning is a rewarding and positive experience where a child takes of his or her career and utilizes all the potential to achieve the set career goals.

A fair share of dropout or career failures can be attributed to the mismatch of personality ability and interest mix of the individual with the career demands. As a result of no career guidance or counseling the result is towards a low employability and low national productivity.