Underutilized Potential

Your potentials may not be in use: it hurts when you are a footballer or a computer scientist and find yourself doing a job as an office administrator where your routine is carrying files from one office to the other. Deep inside you a memory flashes on how much you wanted to be one thing or the other in the hey days, but now you can’t even do just that. You feel the first zeal and energy in you, at that point it is only regret and anguish seeing a great potential not being put to proper use.

Severe effect could be that you may not perform too well in the office. We all know that performance is what speaks for us at the end of the day because of which we get appraised and move on to a better position. But if you have chosen a wrong career for yourself then your performance takes a hit as you are not in a position to deliver your cent percent. Therefore, this could be a vital sign for you to understand and comprehend that you are in a wrong line of work responsibility.