Major issues impacting the Career Assessment Field

A career is a series of connected employment opportunities where you build skills at earlier employment to move you into higher paying and higher paying and higher prestige employment opportunities.

At the dawn of the 21st century, many new issues impact the career assessment field.

Career assessment researchers and practitioners need to understand these issues and determine how they affect traditional business and how they will shape the future of the field. We lists seven issues that could potentially have a major influence on the career assessment field

A career used to be defined as a lifelong pursuit of a single occupation or career path, often within one organization many people believe that average tenure per job and tenure in a specific organization are shrinking. if this is true , then this indicates that Are moving across jobs and job families with more frequency .This job rate of change directly impacts career assessment specialists because they will be asked to assess people early often and late in their careers and when doing so ,help them find less obvious (but equally important) career paths.

B. The tight labor market expands the career assessment domain for savvy jobs seekers.

As the labor market has tightened the question for job seekers is less “what skill do I have and can I get a job somewhere?” to “I have many skills that companies want. What company do I want to work for?” This change in emphasis will expand the focus of career assessment to include those variables that impact job satisfaction and promotability. Several researchers are expanding the career assessment domain by linking interest skills and abilities and personality and taking a more integrated approach to career assessment in general. We expect this trend to continue and present evidence for the need to expand the traditional set of assessments.

C. Job seekers increasingly emphasize quality of work life .

In the current tight labor market employers and job seekers focus not only skills but also on how well a person fits with the organization and the degree to which organizations and job seekers has similar work and family values .The emerging research indicates that person environment fit , or the congruence between an individuals and organizations value and vision , is directly related to satisfaction and commitment .This suggest that career assessment should focus on both the skills and interest necessary for job task and on whether the individual will like working in an organization.

D. Job seekers no longer think in terms of one career path or job family .

As we lea more about the relationship between job skill and job duties we are increasingly able to see relationships between seemingly different jobs. For instance the problem solving ability that characterizes a good engineer might also be important for a customer service manager. Consequently the network of jobs and job paths in the economy is evolving and expanding quite rapidly. At the same time, job seekers today report that they expect to work four or five different companies in different capacities during their careers. Putting these two trends together, we see once again that career assessment should evolve to accommodate them. The concept of radical career change has been well documented and career assessment should be ready to serve career changers as never before.

E. The inteet has dramatically increased the amount of career information available.

The inteet has provided job seekers a vastly expanded menu of career information. Although the creditability of some of the information is questionable, the inteet offers Career Assessment professional a whole new way to conduct business and manage job seekers. The career Assessment discipline has legitimate questions about the quality of career sites, The ethics of inteet career assessment and how best to use the inteet for career planning .Regardless of these issues, career professional should understand that there role is evolving and we must establish ways to effectively haess this information explosion while still providing effective advice an information to job seekers.

F. The Inteet provides an unsupervised evolution portal for job seekers.

One of the biggest issue facing the use of assessment on the inteet is the lack of control over the quality of assessment .Many Business people see psychologically assessment as a cottage industry with no barriers to entry. They believe issue on reliability and validity are the wonkish conces of psycho nerds rather than the heart and soul of assessment. Consequently, many assessments available on inteet lack the technical support necessary for adequate interpretation and information exchange. These issues could seriously undermine the career assessment industry and should be taken very seriously indeed.

G. Many organizations are creating multiple career paths.

Some organizations have finally come to appreciated importance of “bench strength, they consider all of their employee’s skill, abilities, strengths, and development needs in an effort to determine how best to utilize them. This can try to offer employees an opportunity to stay in the organization, yet do something different. This also has led to the separation of the management career path and the technical /independent career path.