Skills and Ablilities

Skills and Ablilities

Skills are the ability to perform certain tasks. We all have skills.

The trick is to identify and name your skills.

The more work experience you have, the harder this is. I know several people who do can do so many different things at work, that they are unable to focus on the skills that will make them the most successful and the most satisfied. Thus they spend their time bouncing around and never getting ahead. They are very frustrated by this.

But it goes way beyond that. It helps you separate out the skills you love using and are good at, from all the other skills you have.

It will show you what your Motivated Skills are (skills you are good at and you enjoy).

It will show you what your Buout Skills are (skills you are tired of using).

It will show you your Developmental Skills (skills you want to improve).

From this, you can identify your Transferable Skills. These are the skills that you can take from job to job. These are the skills you want to highlight on your resume (CV).

It's fun and easy to use, and it only takes a few minutes.