Lack of Passion and Interest

Lack of passion : When you first took up the job, the initial orientation is to be able to pay the bills, feed yourself, and survive the harsh economic condition in the country. All these were just a short term consideration with very little long term coloration. Although your immediate needs may be fulfilled but on the long run the passion you once had on the job declines because the job has little to do with your passion, you took up the job simply to survive and now you want more than that, you want that fulfilment and satisfaction but it would have been more easy to achieve if it were a job or a career you love.

Lack of interest: At a point when the passion for the job d

iminishes, the next thing that suffers is the interest. Nothing is more boring than doing a routine we have lost interest on. With the job becoming uninteresting, efficiency and effectiveness on the job suffers.