Choosing a wrong career how and why

1.    Peer pressure

Most of us do understand what peer pressure is. Sometimes the fact that as experienced as we are, peer pressure does get to us. The same illogical situation arises many a times with these tiny little friends of ours. Students are forced into making decisions that they ideally would not want to make. For example, taking up a wrong course of study. This would then lead to choosing a career which would not suit him or her basically because one would not have enjoyed working through the course. So basically, when your graduation certificate certifies you in a certain stream of education that you originally didn’t want to be a part of, then one will quite naturally get interview calls for the same line of work that you had studied for. So then at the end of the day, career is not in the path that one had wished for. So, there goes the first way of making a wrong career choice.

2.    Fulfilling parents’ desires

Parents have always been the guiding stars in our lives. Sometimes we as students tend to make decisions based on what our parents have foreseen for us. But one must realize that just as much as we want to respect the decision that they take for us, we must stop to analyze if that is a career that we can afford to take up. This could be an immature way of choosing a career

3.    Market Boom

Students sometimes make this mistake of choosing a certain stream of education based on what are the prevailing circumstances in the market economy. Based on the on goings of the economy, some of them choose their career path. But little do they know that by the time they graduate and enter into their respective careers, the needs and demands of a certain market economy would have changed. Therefore, it is best if one can choose a career that he or she likes to be a part of. And to do so, the student must choose his line of education where in his interest lies.

4    An assumed social life

 Some of us tend to assume careers that may not suit our present needs, but because we have the urge to live in a certain higher standard of living we tend to choose careers that will lead us to such standards. But there is a lot more to do than just choosing a difficult or off the course career. Because the way of living as well the routine of life needs to be amended to match that of another hyped social life.

5.    Confusion

A very common but the most prevalent issue amongst the young ones nowadays are that they are always confused. With the countless number of options and career ways that one gets to observe these days, it is quite confusing for many of our students to date. This is all the happening of mode technology that the world now moves on.

There are many other reasons why it becomes difficult for students to choose and they are lack of self knowledge, lack of maturity and growth intellectually etc.