Outcomes of a wrong Career Decision and Choice

1.    Lack of passion

When you first took up the job, the initial orientation is to be able to pay the bills, feed yourself, and survive the harsh economic condition in the country. All these were just a short term consideration with very little long term coloration. Although your immediate needs may be fulfilled but on the long run the passion you once had on the job declines because the job has little to do with your passion, you took up the job simply to survive and now you want more than that, you want that fulfilment and satisfaction but it would have been more easy to achieve if it were a job or a career you love.

2.    Lack of interest

 At a point when the passion for the job diminishes, the next thing that suffers is the interest. Nothing  is more boring than doing a routine we have lost interest on. With the job becoming uninteresting, efficiency and  effectiveness on the job suffers.

3.    Your potentials may not be in use

It hurts when you are a footballer or a computer scientist and find yourself doing a   job as an office administrator where your routine is carrying files from one office to the other. Deep inside you a memory flashes on how much you wanted to be one thing or the other in the hey days, but now you can’t even do just that. You feel the first zeal and energy in you, at that point it is only regret and anguish seeing a great potential not being put to proper use.

4.    The job gets tiring and boring

On the long run when your short term goals would have been fulfilled, another need  sets in. if your job is not the right one for you it becomes very difficult to fulfil the desire. This is where the job gets tiring  and boring.

5.    Low productivity

The primary need your employer wants to fulfil is productivity. They want you to add value and increase overall productivity. But with lack of passion, interest and value, your productivity decreases. Low productivity will put you in difficult situation with your employers and the work environment will become unsafe. When this happens one needs to go back to the drawing board and retrace the footsteps putting into consideration if the job is still on cause with long term goals.

6.    May lead to loss of job

Low productivity comes with an unsafe work environment. An unsafe work environment  comes with endless queries, memos, suspension from work and may lead to loss of job. An employer may tolerate insubordination, some few lapses but never an unproductive employee.

7.     Anxiety and stress

 Anxiety and stress could be two key factors that tell us that we are stuck in the middle of nowhere. Health is wealth. And we all know this. Anxiousness and a stressed mind is often brought home and thrown upon family members. This disturbs the temperaments of the family members and yours too. This should be analyzed quick and easy to understand that you are caught in the wrong job.

8.    Social disregard

That is, one may feel like avoiding and staying in one of those dark coers. One may not want to get out and socialize or network. But why? This is because others around us may have found the right thing to do and may be more than happy. But this realization gets to the mind and makes us feel like we have lost a war against self.     One tends to disregard the social activities and enjoy the lighter side of life.

Owing to the above characteristic there is also one other temperament that comes into the picture of a stressed man’s life, and that is being jealous of another person for his or her success. You tend to look at your career as a whole and begin to compare yours with theirs. This situation definitely arises only when you know that your routine is not as happy as theirs. Therefore, it is a wakeup call for us that tells us to choose the next chapter in our life. Changing the mind and moving forward to make your life better is where the challenge lies